(Ages 8-10, 11-13 and 14-17)

The Intensive English & PCS program is either a 2-week (for ages 8-13) or 4-week (for ages 14-17) online program, delivered LIVE by Stamford American International School's expert EAL and Preparatory Course for Secondary (PCS) team via daily Zoom conferences. 

The main objective of the Intensive English & PCS camp is to help all joiners to improve their confidence to communicate, collaborate and participate in academic English classrooms.

The Intensive English & PCS course delivers English language acquisition to children of varying experience and capabilities; whether they've been learning for a while, in need of language continuity over the school holiday, or just starting out.

The language and skills learned through our 2-week or 4-week programs will set campers up for extended and continued success at international schools and, for those aged 14 and older, provide them a platform to transition into secondary school classes.

Lessons are conducted through an online medium (Zoom), allowing for all to benefit, whether they are on-island already, or are in the process of moving to Singapore. 

The expectations, system and outlook that have found extensive success within the program, help to expand the horizons of learners both in the classroom and later in life.

We are helping to bring English learners from across the globe together through the common goals of making new friends and acquiring academic English.

*Participants will need a device (laptop/iPad) with an internet connection and ability to join Zoom calls - to join the program.

*Program is either 2-weeks long (29 Jun to 10 July, for ages 8-13) or 4-weeks long (15 June to 10 July, for ages 14-17) - participants must join for the full duration.

*All Participants of the 4-week program will have the chance to undergo iTEP SLATE highschool admissions assessment


“I cherish studying in the PCS. During class time, I am able to have communication, interaction and cooperation with my classmates and teachers frequently, it assists me to enrich my overall knowledge and make my way of thinking to be more logical, accurate and creative. In addition, after 7 weeks of learning in PCS, I am truly developing both oral and written English” 
- Cheng Pan from China 

Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Marc Thomas Ferris: PCS EAL Teacher

Marc Ferris is the current PCS EAL Teacher, at Stamford American International School (SAIS). With years of experience leading EAL classrooms and creating engaging and thought-provoking curriculum, Marc believes that he can bring his expertise and knowledge of various schooling systems from across the Globe. He is extremely passionate about English Language Learning and transmits that to all students in the PCS program.



World History
& Sociology
Educational Studies
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Jessica Jones: English Language Specialist

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Jessica Jones has taught elementary children globally in the United States, China, and Singapore. Since moving to Singapore in 2015, she has worked within the Elementary EAL department at Stamford. In 2017, she developed and coordinated Stamford’s first English Summer Program and now coordinates the Intensive English Summer Program with Camp Asia. Her approach to teaching includes an ethos of additive bilingualism honouring primary languages as being necessary and beneficial for the process of English language acquisition. She is dedicated to providing meaningful and inclusive learning opportunities that promote her student’s academic achievement and positive social development.

Years Teaching
SAIS Summer
English Program
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Natasha Bellande: English Language Teacher

Ms. Natasha Bellande is currently an English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher in the Grade 8 Sheltered EAL program at Stamford American International School. She has over 23 years of teaching experience ranging from Primary school through Adult education. She has taught in the United States as well as the United Arab Emirates before coming to Singapore and SAIS where she has been teaching for the past 4 years.

Years Teaching
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Ian Smith: Principal, Stamford PCS

Mr. Ian Smith has over 14 years of professional experience in the field of English language acquisition. He began his career teaching various content-rich English language courses in the Chinese University system. Ian was also the Dean of International Students and Director of ESL at Montverde Academy in Florida for 8 years and pioneered a summer school program in Shanghai.

English Language
Educator for
14 Years
East Asian
Age Days Timing Dates Price for Summer Program
8-10 Monday to Friday 8:55 am to 12 pm 29 Jun - 10 Jul (2 Weeks) $750
11-13 Monday to Friday 8:55 am to 12 pm 29 Jun - 10 Jul (2 Weeks) $750
14-17 Monday to Friday 8:55 am to 12 pm 15 Jun - 10 Jul (4 Weeks) $1430 *incl. SLATE test

Sample Timetables

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:55-9:05 Online Check-In / Ice-breaker (Zoom)
9:05 -10:00 But Why? Project Work Research Movie/Article Review Mindfulness/Balance
10.00-10.05 Break
10:05-11:00 Project Work Grammar Project Work Grammar Writing Skills
11:00-11:05     Break    
11:05-12:00 Speaking & Listening Writing Skills Mindfulness/Balance Current Events Project Presentation
12:00 End of Day

Learning Outcomes By Module:

  • But Why?: Research skills & finding reliable sources
  • Project Work: Communication and collaboration
  • Grammar: Grammar uses, grammar in context
  • Writing Skills: Types of writing, punctuation, paragraphs
  • Mindfulness: Interests/likes/dislikes/arts/hobbies
  • Speaking & Listening: Contributing effectively and listening clearly

Information to note prior to booking:

Parent and Child iCamp Guidelines

Please ensure that you have read and understood the iCamp Parent/Child Guidelines prior to booking the camp.

iCamp Equipment/Materials

For iCamps that require compulsory equipment (Robotics/Electronics Kits) or offer optional supply packages (Super Chef Ingredients / Art Supplies) - Camp Asia will deliver the week before camp, for those who have fully PAID.

User Email Addresses for Zoom 

Parents can use their Camp Asia User ID emails to log into Zoom. All users are required to input their child's first and last name as their participant ID on Zoom.

Zoom Conference Recordings

Please note that all of Camp Asia's online classes will be recorded (and deleted post-camp) as a necessary safeguarding measure to serve both children and our members of staff.

If you would like further information please call us or drop us an email.