This online camp will be delivered LIVE by expert instructors in one of Camp Asia's dedicated Zoom Conferences.

Digital Animation & Game Creation (Ages 6-9)

(Using Scratch, Tynker, Blockly or similar block programming platforms)

In this course, tailored for the younger campers, we will use various digital and media technologies to help explore the art of story-telling and game creation. Through various games, challenges, and exercises, we will introduce the campers to tools that can help explore their pent-up creativity. Whether they are creating their own story, or building an elaborate game world, your child will be inspired by the power of their own imagination.

Video Game Design (Ages 10-13)

(Scratch Platform)

Game Development is a fun, creative approach that naturally encourages children to test their skills, stamina, and focus on using unfamiliar technology.  In this course, children get to experience what it's like to design an original video game, including the storyline, artwork, and gameplay mechanics.  They then get to challenge each other in a gaming bonanza with their own creations. 

*Participants will need a LAPTOP (ideally a second device/screen as well) - with an internet connection to join the camp.

*Laptops will need to be able to download/launch scratch or other coding applications to be advised.

"Aiden has always been a tech kid so this was the best camp for him, it made his holiday special and he picked up so many new skills.”

Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Yoni Garbourg: Head of Coding & Electronics

Yoni has 20 years of software engineering experience in the financial services industry working in New York, London and Singapore. Yoni's history in Physical Computing education began when he founded the Robotics Club at Tufts University in 1995. He is an engaging, fun-loving instructor and has inspired students to win awards in national competitions such as Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) and Robocup.

Years Software
Engineering Experience
Coaching over
Students Every Year
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Cort Wee: Coding & Electronics Guru

Cort is a former Navy engineer and an experienced software developer. He believes that everyone can be a "Maker" and has been inspiring kids to create through robotics, game design, electronics, coding, and 3D designs for many years.

Years Electrical Engineering
and Programming 
Programmer from Micro-
chips to Super-Computers
Inspires over
Students Yearly
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Shane O Loughlin: Head of Robotics & Design

Shane O Loughlin is the Head of Department for Middle School Design at Stamford American International School. He has experience in Robotics and Programming for over 12 years, in 5 countries and in 5 international schools. Shane has led teams to the First Lego League in 2018 and Null Space Lego Robotics in 2017.  

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Years Robotics &
Programming Experience
African Bot Ball
Championship 2014
2016 & 2017
First Lego League
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Desmond Seetoh: Robotics & Design

Desmond Seetoh is a lifetime educator who is committed to helping children reach beyond their potential. Teaching design at Stamford American International School, he has lead students to numerous robotics championship in Singapore, USA and Taiwan. With a passion for problem solving, and more than a decade of teaching experience, he believes that fun is key to learning.


w/ International Experience
Years Teaching Experience
Children Coached
Age Days Timing Price Per Week
6 through 9     Digital Story-Telling & Animation Monday to Friday 8:55 am to 12 pm
10 through 13     Video Game Design Monday to Friday 8:55 am to 12 pm $350

Sample Timetables

(6-9 Years) Digital Story-Telling & Animation

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:55-09:00 Check-in
09:00-09:20 Live Teacher Briefing (Zoom)
09:20-10:00 Introductions & Exploration Events & Control 2D Motion & Corrdinates Drawing with code Remembering with Variables
10:00-10:30 Break / Virtual Playground
10:30-10:45 Live Teacher Briefing (Zoom)
10:45-11:20 Scenes & Actors Coding: Catch the Fruit Coding: Dogs, Cats & Mice Coding: Simple & Complex shapes Coding: Pong
11:20 - 11:30 Show & Tell (Zoom)
11:30-11:55 Digital Stroy Creation Coding: Catch the Fruit Coding: Dogs, Cats & Mice Coding: Repeated Patterns Coding: Pong
12:00 End of Day

(10-13 Years) Video Game Design 

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:55-09:00 Check-in
09:00-09:20 Live Teacher Briefing (Zoom)
09:20-10:00 Navigating in Scratch Recap & Show n Tell Recap & Show n Tell Recap & Continuation Creating a 2nd Level
10:00-10:30 Break / Virtual Playground
10:30-10:45 Live Teacher Briefing (Zoom)
10:45-11:20 Understanding basic programming and creating basic movements Creating advanced movements + conditional programming Facing the enemy + programming shooting functions Creating variables in your game. Adding timing and score system Finishing up your video game design
11:20-11:50 Modifying and testing your codes Creating a basic maze game Sketching your character / modifying sprite from the library Modifying and testing your codes Sharing games with camp-mates and feedback
12:00 End of Day

Information to note prior to booking:

Parent and Child iCamp Guidelines

Please ensure that you have read and understood the iCamp Parent/Child Guidelines prior to booking the camp.

iCamp Equipment/Materials

For iCamps that require compulsory equipment (Robotics/Electronics Kits) or offer optional supply packages (Super Chef Ingredients / Art Supplies) - Camp Asia will deliver the week before camp, for those who have fully PAID.

User Email Addresses for Zoom 

Parents can use their Camp Asia User ID emails to log into Zoom. All users are required to input their child's first and last name as their participant ID on Zoom.

Zoom Conference Recordings

Please note that all of Camp Asia's online classes will be recorded (and deleted post-camp) as a necessary safeguarding measure to serve both children and our members of staff.

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